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Euro 2012 Stream

Euro 2012 Stream. The selection co-host the UEFA EURO 2012 triumph opened with the new stadium which will host the tournament next summer, continuing his great run of wins when he plays in the city.
Ukraine still does not lose in Lviv after Tuesday's victory 2-1 against Austria in which he was the opening game at the Arena Lviv, one of four Ukrainian stadiums for UEFA EURO 2012.
The co-host selection has won all six games at the Stadium of Ukraine in the city, beating Armenia (3-0 and 4-3), Georgia (2-0), Poland (1-0), to Belarus (1-0) and Romania (3-2) in addition to Austria, despite finishing the match with ten.
Artem Milevskiy men ahead of Oleh Blokhin in the first part but the 34,000 fans who filled the stands erupted when Oleksandr Kucher was sent off ten minutes later to even the match with an own goal in 71 '. However, Marko Dević restored home advantage and the joy of Lviv Arena fans with a goal in injury time.
Blokhin was delighted by the performance of the public in Lviv. "The decibel level rose to cheer the team in the final minutes. Although we were a man down, the boys felt they had to run and had to push to victory," he said.
The work of this stadium will host three matches in Group B during the summer, began in November 2008. Its design combines traditional architecture with modern touches, plus two levels of terraces that offer a perfect view of the pitch. A transparent roof protects fans from the weather, while a gateway in the lowest area gives a feeling of Euro 2012 Stream space.
During its construction was planted in the foundations of the stadium a time capsule with coins and stamps produced for the 750th anniversary of the city and the ten years of the appointment of the old part of the city as a UNESCO World Heritage. Also included was a note written for the benefit of future generations, but Blokhin's team left everything very clear thanks to both Dević.
"The atmosphere in the Arena Lviv was superb. I could feel in the air. Always great to play in Lviv, and I want to thank fans for their passionate support," said midfielder Olexandr Aliyev to Ukraine.
His partner in midfield Ruslan Rotan agreed with him. "The support was incredible. Everything was fabulous, Lviv, the stadium and the pitch itself, which was great despite the bad weather," he said.
Ukraine will play their home matches at UEFA EURO 2012 in Donetsk and Kiev, but enjoyed his first game at the new stadium. Blokhin said: "We have seen the enormous work has been done in Lviv. Has been built from scratch a new, modern stadium." Euro 2012 Stream